A Note from Bob Willig (Founder-Owner/Operator):

I believe it’s important you know what drives the individual that provides the vision for the agency you are considering doing business with…

I roll out of bed each morning with the sole purpose of honoring GOD with how I live my life. Beginning
with this premise, it compels me to excel at whatever I do… including operating Rocky Mountain
Insurance Advisors. In doing this, it is my intention to honor The GOD (Jesus Christ) that created and saved me.

While we do not necessarily refer to ourselves as a Christian company, we do most definitely identify as
a company navigated by a commitment to operating under Biblical-Christian principles.

Our mission is clear though… be the best at utilizing insurance as a tool to protect what our clients value
most… and what they have worked so hard to attain. This we expect will contribute to their financial
peace of mind and we hope ultimately, to improve their lives.

Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to hearing from you!

Robert (Bob) Willig

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