A Note from our Founder-Owner/Operator:

I believe it’s important you know what drives the individual that provides the vision for the company you are considering doing business with today.

I step out of bed each morning with the sole purpose of living my life in a way that both honors and points to The GOD (The Lord Jesus Christ) that created and saved me. This compels me to excel at whatever I do… including operating Rocky Mountain Insurance Advisors. 

While we do not necessarily refer to ourselves as a Christian insurance agency, we do most definitely identify as a company navigated by a commitment to operating under Biblical-Christian principles.

Our mission is clear though… be the best at utilizing insurance as a tool to protect what our clients value most and what they have worked so hard to attain. This we expect will contribute to their financial peace of mind, our success as an agency, and ultimately we trust this honors our GOD.

Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to hearing from you!

Robert (Bob) Willig

Who Are We:

Rocky Mountain Insurance Advisors (aka RMIA) is a family owned and operated, independent insurance agency/ broker representing several of our industry’s top carriers. We write coverage for all lines of property and casualty insurance for both personal and commercial liability and property risks. We carefully select the companies and products we choose to represent, making certain they share our commitment to customer service and excellence.

Our agency began operating from picturesque Castle Rock, Colorado in January 2003 and we are proud to continue to call this jewel of Douglas County, CO our headquarters. While we do also serve the entire Front Range of Colorado including many Mountain Towns, we have grown most in cities such as Castle Rock and Castle Pines, Parker, Larkspur, Sedalia, Highlands Ranch, Franktown, Elizabeth, Monument, Colorado Springs, Littleton, Englewood, and Denver.

There is a reason we use the name “Advisors” in our agency name. It defines what we believe separates us from our competitors. We are convinced it is a monumental mistake for anyone to try and offer a solution to a problem they haven’t yet identified, and most insurance agents will gladly do this.

At RMIA we recognize we cannot effectively meet your needs until we first discover them. Asking the right questions and intentionally listening to the answers to determine the most cost-effective way to mitigate your exposure to financial loss… that’s the difference at Rocky Mountain Insurance Advisors!

Why Do Business With Us:

1. “We Do Care!” – We desire to bring peace of mind to our clients’ lives knowing they, their loved ones, their businesses, and their personal possessions are sufficiently protected. We employ a consultative approach for the purpose of uncovering the areas where your family and/ or business is most likely to experience a financial loss. This involves engagement between our agents, clients, prospective clients and is not an option when working with our agency… you won’t be disappointed.

2. “We Are Trustworthy!” – We strive to earn and cultivate the trust of the clients we serve… that we will in fact deliver on the promise made in #1 above. We do business in an honest and ethical manner (born out of a Christ-centered, Biblical view of the world) where 100% integrity is non-negotiable.

3. “We Know Our Stuff!” – We have the tools and resources to be successful. Our agents collectively bring 81+ years of expertise and knowledge about insurance contracts (policies) as a tool to transfer financial risk. Furthermore, we have relationships in place with multiple companies and products required to accomplish the task and fulfill our promise.