Condo/ Townhome Insurance

Are You Ready to Get Your Condo or Townhome Insured?

Condo/Townhome insurance is an important coverage to consider when buying a condo or townhome. It covers your property and belongings in the event of damage or loss due to certain perils, such as fires, storms, theft or vandalism. Depending on the type of policy you choose, it may also cover liability for injury that occurs at your home.

For those who live in a condominium or townhome, condo/townhome insurance is an important purchase. It will provide coverage for expensive property items, such as furniture and electronics, as well as liability protection if someone is injured in your home. Most policies include protection against various types of damage, such as fire damage or vandalism. Depending on your policy, you may also be covered for loss due to certain natural disasters, including windstorms, hail storms and earthquakes. Our team is here today for you. We will find you a policy and answer your needs, call us at (303) 663-9457.