1. “We Care!” – We desire to bring peace of mind to our clients’ lives knowing they, their loved ones,
their businesses, and their personal possessions are adequately protected. We employ a consultative
approach for the purpose of uncovering the areas where your family and/ or business is most likely to
experience a financial loss. This involves engagement between our agents, clients, prospective clients
and is not an option when working with our agency… you won’t be disappointed.

2. “We Are Trustworthy!” – We strive to earn and cultivate the trust of the clients we serve… that we
will in fact deliver on the promise made in #1 above. We do business in an honest and ethical manner
(born out of a Christ-centered, Biblical view of the world) where 100% integrity is non-negotiable.

3. “We Know Our Stuff!” – We have the tools and resources to be successful. Our agents collectively
bring 81+ years of expertise and knowledge about insurance contracts (policies) as a tool to transfer
financial risk. Furthermore, we have relationships in place with multiple companies and products
required to accomplish the task and fulfill our promise.

“Small agency service… big agency capabilities”!